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(See also lamp conversions and light output)

I have never been able to remember lamp numbers and have often had problems, when faced with a box of lamps or an ebay auction, knowing what the lamp is and what it's for. Typically, of course, projector manufacturers liked to use all sorts of different types, as with lenses, to make us buy more. It's all a bit academic now, but just for interest here is a consolidated table of info I have on lamps. I hope to move on to which projector needs which lamp.

Click Here lampdata.wdb for the table.

Some have said they cannot get at the data in this form, so I have scanned the table in as pictures. Hopefully this can be magnified and read or printed out. I have also added a pdf version.

                 Lamp Data pdf

Here are some pix of lamp bases. For some reason the best image seems to need some Zoom.        
Now some lamps.       

Pathé published a useful summary for some of their machines. The Type 38 is an "H", I assume the B is a 200B.

Here is some info I have on what projector takes what lamp.







Been doing some sorting thru lamps. I have great scads of them, acquired in various ways at various time. Lots of obscure exciter lamps, projectors for which I have never come across, and more GB L516, Debrie and B&H lamps than you can shake a stick at. Many are clearly of no conceivable use ever, eg bags of 100v 100w small pre-focus (PF), which I think were in early Kodascopes. Some very odd ones - see pix - wot I do not understand. Look left. The one with fat legs is 115v 500w. The one with one fat leg is 24v 36w. The globe is 12v 100w, as is the ridiculously thin one with a PF base.

And what is it with these valve base lamps? I can understand the normal 110/240v 1000w as being a bit brighter than a PF cos of the integral mirror, but what about the ones with a built in dichroic mirror (2nd from right)? I have A1/211, aka DEF, but also various other designations like A1/K, DCR etc. To me, they all look the same. They also all seem to be 21.5v 150 or 250w; some of them have a mere 25 hr life, and some as ludicrously low as 10 hrs, which seems the wrong side of totally pointless to me. What can they do that makes them worthwhile?

If you look to the right, the biggest lamp is about 10"/25cm long, just to give you an idea of scale. At least this one has an 80v 1500w rating to justify its silliness. Centre top is 100v 1000w, next to it 210v 500w. Why on earth do they need to be so big? Ditto the big round one, 240v 500w. Centre bottom is 110v 240w (240? Ridiculous!), but at least it's meant to burn on its side. The little globe is 12v 24w; the last one is a random exciter.

All the same, it seems a shame that virtually all will end up in a landfill sooner or later.





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